App terms of use

By downloading the software I agree to the terms of use as set forth below: I download, install and use CoBrand2-Live at my own risk. CoBrand2 LLC is not responsible or liable for any damage, consequential loss or failure that may arise from running the software on my mobile device. I waive any claims against CoBrand2 LLC that may result from such incidents. CoBrand2 LLC assumes no liability or warranty for any kind of damage that may result from defective software, incorrect or incomplete instructions, faulty links or other deficient functions. CoBrand2 LLC is not liable for damages that may result from any errors, in particular regarding certain GPS enabled features. Some mobile platforms, including iPods; iPads and some Blackberry devices do not have GPS, thus maps and directions will not be enabled from the App. CoBrand2 LLC is not liable for any damages that my result from the download and use of CoBrand2-Live.